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Hi, I'm Holly

My passion about periods and fertility stems from a long history of cycle issues and trying nearly every holistic treatment out there to solve my period struggles.

I started taking the birth control pill when I was only 15 years old because I was told this would help “regulate my cycle” and prevent pregnancy.

Years later, when I started studying Chinese Medicine, I learned about all the negative consequences of taking hormonal birth control which led me to stop taking it.

In 2009, I took my final birth control pill but my period did not return until years later because I was struggling with anorexia and over-exercise at the time.

Throughout the years, I began to observe that my menstrual cycle was one of the key indicators for how healthy (or unhealthy) my system was overall.

I started studying the Fertility Awareness Method after my final round of treatment for my eating disorder and I have used it to assess my overall health ever since.

Implementing this method completely changed my life. Not only did it enable me to use a natural form of birth control, it also helped me to conceive my daughter.

I’ve learned a TON along the way and I am now helping women like you so that you, too, are able to connect with your body and get to know your cycle to track your fertility and overall health in a natural way.

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