Are you ready to balance your hormones, regulate your cycle, and optimize your fertility?


You're here because you want to learn how your body works. You are ready to ditch hormonal birth control, pain killers and fertility drugs.


You are serious about learning to chart your cycles with the Fertility Awareness Method.

You want to learn how to use your menstrual cycle as a vital sign to assess your overall health. You are ready to take charge of your health and fertility. 

You are seeking a guide to help you consciously conceive or avoid pregnancy and to optimize your mental and physical health.

Maybe you're wondering...

 Where do I even begin?

How can I be SURE I won't get pregnant?

How can I optimize my fertility?

How do I get my hormones back in balance?

Is life without period pain and PMS really possible?

My cycle has always been out of balance, is it too late for me?

How can I improve my body literacy?

How do I sync my life with my cycle?

What if my cycle is irregular, will this still work for me?

Asking questions like these is an indication that you are ready to take charge of your health and your fertility. 

Hi, I'm Holly!

If you're struggling to balance your hormones, get off of hormonal birth control or to conceive naturally. I can relate. I have been there too!

When I started acupuncture school almost 15 years ago, I had already been on hormonal birth control for 9 years. To "regulate" my cycle and to prevent pregnancy.

In my first year of the program, I learned that the health of a woman's menstrual cycle is central to understanding her health as a whole

I stopped taking the pill shortly after and...

My period was nowhere to be found. I had been struggling with anorexia and was extremely malnourished. My body didn't have the resources it needed to ovulate, build up an endometrial lining or produce the hormones necessary to be a fertile woman.

I spent YEARS attempting to regulate my cycle with holistic treatments, supplements and herbal formulas. I would do ok for awhile, but always found myself giving up after a few months not sure if it was even working.

It wasn't until I found the Fertility Awareness Method that I had instant feedback on how the shifts I was making with food, exercise and lifestyle were improving my hormonal health.

Tracking and charting your cycle daily can give you a window into your hormonal and overall health in a way that labs and other forms of testing just cannot provide.

I learned this the HARD and VERY LONG way.

The Holistic Fertility Awareness Mentorship was born out of a desire to help women like you connect to your body, solve menstrual cycle issues, learn a natural form of birth control, conceive when/if you want to, and to sync your life with your cyclical rhythms.

Together we will create a clear plan to get you closer to your goals. 

We will begin your journey by assessing your current menstrual cycle and overall health status.

From there, each session will include education about how to track and chart your cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method.

We will also cover optimal ranges for all of the phases of the cycle. 

If your cycle falls outside of the optimal ranges for any of the parameters, I will make recommendations for you to improve your cycle and health.

I will share nutrition, lifestyle, supplement and herbal recommendations that will support your hormonal health and fertility.


How would it feel to finally be connected to your body and to listen to her cues in a deeper way than ever before?

What could be better than knowing your cycle so well that you are always aware of when you are fertile and when you're not?

You will be forever empowered to avoid and/or plan pregnancy when YOU want to.

Not only that you will also have a monthly health assessment tool for the remainder of your reproductive years.

If you want to break up with synthetic hormones and finally take your power back by using a natural form of birth control WITHOUT risking your health…

If you want to balance your hormones in a natural way that does not require hormones or devices…

If you want to know exactly when you are fertile and when you are not so you can stop worrying about an unplanned pregnancy

If you are sick and tired of the mood swings, period pain and PMS symptoms…

If you want to learn more about your body and how your cycle works so you have better body literacy

Then 1:1 Holistic Fertility Awareness Mentorship is for you!

This is for you if you are ready to make your health a priority.

This is for you if you want to learn and implement a strategy of preventing or achieving pregnancy and assessing your health in the process!


Imagine just a few months from now…

 You'll go from…

Not knowing how to track your cycle.

Not knowing how to prevent or plan pregnancy in a natural way.

Struggling with hormonal imbalance, period pains, PMS and fertility issues.

To confidently...

Knowing how to track your cycle and when you are fertile…

Being connected to your body…

And able to assess your overall health and wellbeing WITHOUT having to use synthetic hormones or pills.

What’s included:

  • 7 1:1 sessions (1-90 minute initial session & 6-biweekly 60 minute follow up sessions) [$1500 Value]

  • Each session includes:
    • Personalized health assessment
    • Fertility Awareness Method charting education
    • Personal chart reviews
    • Lifestyle recommendations
    • Nutrition guidance
    • Supplement, herb and self-care recommendations
  • Daily messaging support from me throughout the program so you are never left unsure what to do next [$500 Value]

  • Recordings of all sessions to review as many times as you like

As a BONUS, you will also receive:

 ➕ Full access to the recorded course "Holistic Fertility Awareness" [$333 Value]

➕ Full access to the recorded course "Yoni Steaming Fundamentals" [$111 Value]

➕ Full access to the recorded course "Womb Care" [$111 Value]

➕ A copy of the "Fertility Awareness Essentials" eBook [$44 Value]

➕ A copy of the "Cyclical Rhythms: The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle & The Natural World" eBook [$44 Value]

➕ A copy of the "5 Steps to More Peaceful Periods" eBook [$44 Value]

➕ A copy of the "Holistic Fertility Awareness Mentorship Workbook" [$44 Value]

 Access to a Private Telegram group with other members of the mentorship [$50 Value]

 Monthly Q & A meetings with other members of the mentorship [$800 Value]

[Total Value $3,081]



Here's what my clients are saying…

You will leave this program with a new-found confidence, a sense of empowerment and you will know EXACTLY how to track your cycle.

Ready to dive in?


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