Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is an ancient healing technique for the female reproductive system. The term 'Yoni' is a sanskrit word meaning; womb, uterus or vagina.

Yoni steam sessions involve relaxing over a pot of purified water and specifically selected herbs that are cleansing, circulating and calming.

Steaming is a beautiful & healing practice for all humans with female anatomy. It can be used for general womb health or in the treatment of gynecological conditions.

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Here's what one woman had to share after her experience:

"I came to see Holly for a Yoni steam to clear energetically after ending a relationship. She set up the steam using rosebuds, a very high vibration herb. I felt the energy clear up through my center. In particular, I felt my heart center and third eye open. Throughout the rest of the day, my womb felt warm and nurtured. I continued to feel energy releasing. It was also very soothing and comforting in the thick of having PMS related fatigue and inflammation. I feel very grounded."

- DP

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